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Vienna Girardi, Season 14’s champ of The Bachelor (ah, recall pilot Jake Pavelka?), chosen to get with the coolest pattern around: reporting that twins are in her future with a post on Instagram.   Girardi shared a photograph of an ultrasound named “TWIN A” and “TWIN B,” encompassed by a

Two new cousins ​​on the planet are receiving a lot of consideration – and have been advised to get used to being dressed as twins. Kim Abraham and Danielle Grant of New Jersey thought it was completely insane for both to have the same expiration date on April 22 –

Picking the names that perfectly suit your twins is not a piece of cake. To help you out, we have rounded up here more than hundred baby names for twins. These names are picked from the Social Security Administration’s list of most popular twin baby names. This includes girl/girl twins,

As women get older, their pregnancies are more likely to yield twins. But do you know why? Fertility drugs and family history of twins are the two factors known to boost a woman’s chances of having twins. Hormonal changes that come with age are another reason of it, says study.

The parents of twins or multiples are supposed to have double trouble, triple fun and multiple of everything while raising their kids. Here’s what parents and everyone else need to know about multiples. What Increases The Odds of Having Twins? You are more likely to have multiples in the following

A study says that women who have twins are more likely to live longer and have more children over their lifetime as compared to moms of singletons. In Utah’s University A team Of researchers worked with a unique collection of health records known as the Utah population Database, which includes

There is a misconception that if a woman is expecting twins she would essentially have to undergo a cesarean section delivery. But it’s not so! Even some twins expecting moms may not need a C-Section for giving birth to their babies. This is assumption that C-section is the safest way