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A major twin trend has been observed nowadays. More parents are having twins, and we as a society just can’t seem to get enough of twins because twins means there’s twice as much to love. According to the statistics, the rate of multiple births increased by 76 percent, between the

Women expecting twins may experience a varied range of symptoms, just like women with singleton do. But there are some extra clues that can indicate you have more than one bun in your oven. The main difference between the symptoms of a singleton pregnancy and a twin pregnancy is usually

Your body needs extra nutrition, if you’re pregnant with twins. But it doesn’t mean that you should double up your meals and desserts. For getting the required additional calories, you need to use right nutritional values for making those calories count. You need an extra dose of protein to help

Expecting with twins means you’ll gain more weight, will need extra vitamins, and many other things will be doubled up. While the rewards of a twin pregnancy are double, there are some concerns as well. Here are the basic things parents need to know about twin pregnancy. Fraternal And Identical