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Pregnant women should take care of herself not only herself, even the soul breathing in your womb. You should know that your good diet or your bad diet can put serious effects on your child, so diet you eat must be good and full of which things which would beneficial

Are you concerned that your kids do not have enough nutrients? You need to serve up these colorful, tasty and nutrients-packed superfoods for your kids. Make sure your kids are taking healthy foods like blueberries, low-fat Greek yogurt, milk, eggs, nuts, salmon and other nutrients-rich food items. Eggs The egg

Whatever you put in your mouth during pregnancy effects your fetal’s growth. It is essential for a mom-to-be to have a proper and well-balanced diet so she can get enough nutrients for herself and for her baby. Among many others nutrients, Omega 3 fatty acids are crucial during pregnancy. Your

Everyone knows fish is a super-nutritious food. It has a lot of high quality protein, iron, and minerals. Some varieties like salmon, sardines and anchovies contain omega-3 fatty acids that are good for heart health and developing brain. But despite the above benefits, some moms skip fish entirely because of