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What most pregnancy-related books and classes teach you is about labor and delivery, and then of course about motherhood. But what about the crossed eyes and cone-shaped head? After birth, you’ll soon notice some freaky things about your newborn. But before you call your doctor, we have got the rundown

Your infant needs much of your consideration and times. Newborns are not able to do anything at their own, so they require your full consideration for their physical and also moral developments. Your consideration in their initial period of life will build up a bond in between you and your

An increase is reported in the numbers of infants with vitamin K deficiency which can raise the risk of uncontrolled bleeding in the baby’s brain and intestines. An investigation have found that the infants didn’t receive vitamin K shots. Also, doctors are reporting a growing trend among anti-vaccine parents refusing

After completing a hectic nine month pregnancy period, get ready to experience new challenges. There are plenty of things that may fetch your attention but you need not to be worrisome. Read on the know what these things are! Soft Spot On Baby’s Head You need not to be stressed