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Being a mother, I sometimes want to keep my kids far away from junk food, artificial colors and high fructose corn syrup. But unfortunately we live in a world where junk food exists almost everywhere, so we need to teach our kids to deal with it. The first solution that

“Stop fidgeting and sit quietly!” These are the words that our kids hear most often when they are at home. But mom dads! You need to take note of it because encouraging kids to sit may actually do more harm than good. A new study cause parents to think twice

If you are noticing an aggressive behavior in your kid that he or she is picking up from daycare, you need not to be worried about. A new study, published in Psychological Science, has found that the amount of time kids spend in daycare has little effect on bullying behavior.

Did you ever wonder what is going on in the world inside your baby’s head? If yes, then you’ll definitely find this new study interesting that researchers have done about newborns. It can be a little hard to believe that our babies minds are even more incredible than we thought.