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How would we bring up children who are grateful for all that they have rather than continually needing, requesting and expecting more? There’s not a parent out there who won’t have any desire to know the appropriate response. For that, we swung to family and youngster behavioral master Dr. Jennifer

My sons are at that age when they should start volunteering their time, for respect clubs and scholarship opportunities. While examining unselfishness, I urge them to discover causes and developments that reverberate. Social activity ought to be close to home and it’s essential to discover significance in what we do

Technology is a lifeline for staying in contact with distant companions or staying aware of most loved TV appears. Be that as it may, it is likewise a great thistle in the side of present day guardians. While we seek after only one more hour in the day, our youngsters

Missy Armstrong and her friend Sara have been a close friend since they met in hair school in 1999. After seventeen years, Sara is kicking the bucket, and Missy has chosen to give her companion one final Christmas present: She will receive Sara’s three children. Sara (the last name not

Much of the country is still processing the news of Trump’s election — children included. How did this happen? What does it mean for America? What’s more, what would be an ideal next step? This week, we sat down with our #HatchKids to examine their emotions about our new president-elect.

If you are a parent of a 1- or 2-year-old, you have probably noticed that most activities are geared toward kids three and up. But your young toddler is walking and climbing now, and he needs constant stimulation or else, well, he’s going to find something to do, and it

When it comes to teaching kids and especially math, parents often found it difficult to teach them because mostly kids take less interest in math subject. To fix this matter, parents actually need to adopt a different method that’s according to the mind of the kids. Just relax there is

We can’t retrieve most of your childhood incidents, when we are grown up. However, there are certain things that we can perfectly pinpoint about our childhood, no matter what age we were at that time. Apart from the gifts received by us in our childhood, there are many other things

We all know that physical activity and exercise is very important for human beings of any age. So the exercise is very good for kids as well. So what to do for those kids who want to see physical activities or any sports but not get ready to involve their

When you become a parent, you eventually have to do a few things for your little kid such as sopping up his goopy nose, or extracting a hanging-by-a-thread baby tooth. When it comes to your child health, you need to act like a pro. You should know: what warrants a