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The Wife of Jeter, Hannah Davis, gave birth to Bella Raine Throw on Thursday, August 17, said the player’s Jeter The Tribute media.   The Yankees tweeted a message to Jeter saying, “Congratulations to Derek and Hannah Jeter for the introduction of their daughter, Bella Raine Jeter. We can hardly

Zooey Deschanel and his best half Jacob Pechenik respected another person a week ago in Los Angeles – his second son, Charlie Wolf Pechenik. Charlie Wolf has an elder sister, Elsie Otter The representative of Deschanel confirmed the news and told people: “Zooey, Jacob and his daughter, Elsie, are delighted

AJ McLean has two little girls now. He and his wife, Rochelle, had their second daughter, Lyric Dean, on Sunday, on Sunday. That is a genuinely charming name; you need to concede. Perhaps more nation than pop, however, Hello, here and there you must switch things up. Verse joins elder

There are awesome fathers out there — yet this one can apply for superhero status design background, dad Ben Ryan used a scanner and a 3-D printer to manufacture a prosthetic limb for his young child.   Baby Sol was born with an undetected clot in his upper left arm,

Pregnancy and birth are not just a changing point in a woman’s life but it equally affects man’s life. As well as gaining a new sense of responsibility father gains 3 to 5 pounds, a new study suggests. A mother’s weight gain both before and during the pregnancy matters a