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Donald Glover of Atlanta was affectionate in the midst of his memorable Emmy recognition speech the previous evening – and gave a huge mystery while he was busy.   “I am so happy … I need to thank the Academy once again, all of you here, all of you.” I

By the time his mother is Fergalicious Fergalicious Fergie, and his father threw Josh Duhamel, well, the chances are high that they are very brave moves forward moving the soil, forcing their DNA.   Fergie and Duhamel’s boy, Axl Jack, just turned 4. On Tuesday night, happy Father Duhamel posted

From time to time, the jokes arrive correctly to the VMA, and the meeting of the people occurs. Sometimes VMA jokes diminish they fall from the host’s mouth, fall on the stage and squirm horribly as everyone looks. The drama of Katy Perry’s children in the 2017 VMA fell yesterday

Mindy Kaling goes against the part of life! Several sources indicate that actress A Wrinkle in Time is pregnant with her first child. A source explained that the future arrival of her was “a surprise,” but that there will be no change in the production schedules of her next projects.

Kim Kardashian West is under the heat of the Web following the publication of a photograph of her one-year-old son, Saint-Ouest, in what gives the impression of being face to face. Analysts often lose their garbage, accusing Kardashian West Commenters of having lost their fucking poop, accusing Kardashian West of

Dave Cool last awarded to (drumroll, please): Dave Grohl by pushing his daughter Harper to flaunt their skills on a drum in distress Foo Fighters appear in Iceland. Not a terrible day Father Grohl to have the opportunity to convey their worship for Harper’s 8-year-old music on a big stage.

Zooey Deschanel, the maniac of girls’ dreams, may have crushed his heart like an insect in 500 days of summer, but in real life, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is doing well and dandy. Higher than fine. The character on the screen and her partner, Tasha McCauley, are waiting for their second child

For unknown reasons, Snapchat saw long and wide – that of a brilliant Serena Williams, 20 weeks pregnant with a splendid yellow swimsuit – was not meant to be opened to the world. How is it adorable that Williams, who is locked into a remarkable player in the world of

We were barely able to cross the product aisle when we were pregnant, but Serena Williams, by one means or another, understood how to win the Australian Open at eight weeks of gestation. But on the other hand: it’s Serena Williams we’re discussing, considering everything. We loved and respected the

Dove hit it out of the recreation center again with its new crusade “There Are No Perfect Moms, Only Real Ones.” The #RealMoms battle goes with the dispatch of the organization’s new Baby Dove line highlighting child items like wipes, hair and body wash, bar cleanser, moisturizer, and that’s only

Fun frontman Nate Ruess and fashion designer Charlotte Ronson are new parents — their first time around — to son Levon. Ruess’ rep confirmed the news to People, and their family and friends aren’t shy about the good news, either.   Ronson’s mother, Ann Dexter-Jones, a jewelry designer, took to

Amber Tamblyn is formally one happy mother! The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star has welcomed a child with husband David Cross. The couple’s most current beloved newborn is both Amber and David’s first youngster. She shared the news on her Instagram page. One individual who’s likely particularly energized for

This is the best story yet this year — and not because the couple being referred to is the bluegrass music variant of Prince William and Duchess Catherine. Country star Thomas Rhett and his astounding spouse, Lauren Akins are basically #RelationshipGoals. In December, the combine took off on a weeklong

Beyoncé and Jay Z’s family is “developing by two” this 2017. Correct, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. The Carters are having TWINS. Gracious my god. Bey broke the upbeat news Wednesday (February 1) on Instagram, where she shared the infant knock photograph to end all child knock photographs.

Jenelle Evans has her only daughter formally. Part of the teenage mother 2 – who will record this energizing moment in the middle of this period of the MTV agreement mentioned above – only respected her first daughter Ensley Jolie Eason with the lover David Eason. Jace and Kaiser are

Things are pink and layers for Katherine Heigl today, and we are happy to hear it. Heigl gave birth to her baby, Joshua Bishop, in December 2016. The little one has two older sisters: Heigl and her best half, Josh Kelley hosted the girls Naleigh and Adelaide in 2009 and