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When is the war on breastfeeding going to stop?   One anonymous Louisiana mom shared a photo of herself to Breastfeeding Mama Talk’s Facebook page in which she’s weeping in her car, breastfeeding her 3-month-old. The story behind the tears? She was kicked out of a dance recital for nursing.

“When you are attending a wedding, you are wearing fancy dresses with high heels and your baby gets hungry, well then you give no “sh*ts” and feed the kid,” started Naomi Jael in a description to a photo that she posted on Instagram of herself breastfeeding her son at a

Everybody knows that postpartum moms are a little bit silly. There are the hormones, the sleep deficiency. Breastfeeding moms are no more or less crazy than formula-feeding moms, but breastfeeding makes you crazy in ways formula feeding doesn’t. Here’s why: 1-You see your nipples as merely another bodily appendage. There

You no need to stop breastfeeding once your baby has teeth. However babies’ first teeth usually come through around six months, but some child takes longer to develop teeth. Even few are born with teeth. However many breastfeed babies have teeth, most do not bite their mothers. If your child’s

I am sharing you my motherhood experienced; I loved breastfeeding and was lucky it well worked out for my baby and me. Those were cozy moments, just me and my daughter that we spent together. You can get unique bonding opportunities, with the breastfeeding.  We are offering you chances for

At the night time breastfeeding is not only to satisfy baby’s hunger, but it also offers many health benefits which few people have known. And surely many moms don’t comfortable when they have to get up to breastfeed at night. But moms should not feel uncomfortable at the nighttime because

Researchers find out that newly mothers, who don’t get medical advice from their doctors often experience postnatal depression and illness caused by breastfeeding. Therefore, social services questioned the capability of parenting, and they are concerned about that they are letting down their beloved ones, and women mostly suffer in silence.

Doctors are alleged to provide improper and insufficient guide to new moms about breastfeeding, sleep safety and immunizations. According to a new study, about twenty percent of new moms say their doctors didn’t tell them about breasfeeding and how to lay down a baby properly to sleep. And when doctors

If the super hot Blake Lively’s postpartum body makes you concerned about your own, you are not alone who have such feeling. But comparing yourself with a celeb or model is not fair because they have their trainers and chefs who help them to stay fit during pregnancy and get