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Most us expect that children can’t experience depression and anxiety because those are feelings you can only have after you learn about things like injustice, unrequited love and who our president is. But a new study says that even infants can show signs associated with later depression and anxiety. In

Superheroes are the right forces that go to bat for the little ones and are respected for their important qualities. Surprisingly, the impacts of these main characters actually have on small children could be the reverse. In a study revealed for the current month in the Journal of Abnormal Child

“We need to talk about your child; can we set up a meeting?” These words coming from a teacher will make any parent alarmed as well as concerned. They make you think all kinds of wrong things that must have happened. Many a time parents take it the wrong way

We all know that when children are learning to speak they will pick up some words which are not appropriate at their age. Therefore, when they use some of words which are offensive in nature, they often surprise you, and you think where from these words he or she got