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  2017 is unquestionably turning out to be the time of the twins. Be that as it may, this may be our most loved twin story up until now. Apologies, Bey and Amal! Unless you’ve been dead or caught under a transport or something, you realize that gossipy tidbits have

Kimberly Schlapman’s 9-year-old daughter, Daisy Pearl, the country’s leading singer, is a lucky young woman. She approached Santa for a younger brother, and that’s what she got. The Schlapmans welcomed a new girl the New Year using the appropriation of the house and familiarized Dolly with the world on Instagram

Bob and Karen tried for years to have a child. After six emotional miscarriages, they finally agreed to adopt. “I brought up adopting several times, and we could never agree on whether that was our next step,” Karen explains. “Then one night he came home and said he thought we should

Serial adopter Angelina Jolie may get most of the press, but she is not the only celeb to become a Mama through adoption. Some stars we love have done the same. Check out the list of our fabulous adoptive moms — and take a look their lucky kids. Charlize Theron