“Food is the powerful drug that informs how we look, how we feel and even how we think,” that’s what the nutrition expert Madeleine Shaw says. Madeleine was 18-year-old when she moved to Australia. While there, she suffered from digestive problems and IBS, but no doctor could fix her. It

Your kids need to have a refreshing and power packed treat in the hot summer afternoon after a day out. From slush to sodas to shakes, here are the most kid-friendly drinks you must try this season. Strawberry-Raspberry Soda The strawberry-raspberry soda is much like a strawberry shortcake in taste.

Your dinner can never complete without deserts. From Walnut Brownies to Lemon cake, here are the most delicious deserts you can try for your kids. Chocolate Mint Bar If you are a big fan of chocolate-mint Girl Scout cookies, you’ll love these chocolate-mint bars. The mint layer will set properly,

You must try these new ideas for sandwiches, salads, wraps, mini pizzas and other tasty recipes for giving your toddle a healthy and yummy lunch. Honey, Almond butter and Bananas Top two slices of whole wheat bread with almond or peanut butter. Make first layer of honey and then second

If you are planning a holiday tour with your family or wants to shift your home, you must be careful in your choice. Here’s a selection of cities based on US Census data, FBI crime statistics and reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Just choose your favorite city and

Movies are the best way to spend quality time with your kids and family. Here are top ten movies that you can plan with your kids this weekend. Just grab the popcorn and have a wonderful movie night with your loved ones. The Lego Movie (2014) Rating: PG Length: 100

Adoption can take a while but sometimes it can be longer than you expected. You must need to consult with professionals and adoptive families support groups for seeking help regarding adoption. Here’s a guide for adoptive parents and their families to move through the adoption process. Gather Information Visit websites

Every mother loves her kids, take care of her kids’ physical and emotional needs. But it’s not an easy job to raise a child when you have many other responsibilities as well. Here are ten subtler motherhood tips that can assist you to become a great mom. 1. Look at

These mini breakfasts are perfect for the kids who don’t like to have much in breakfast. But they still need to have healthy food in their bellies. Read on to know ideas of easy to make but healthy breakfasts for kids. 1. Banana Pops Banana pops is a favorite recipe

Animals are who accept us for who we are, and perhaps that’s the reason we love to have the companionship of animals. When we talk about home pets, our children feel it most funable to spend time with their pet dog, cat, horse or golden fish etc. Many of us

Stop making your child habitual of junk food and start serving yummy and healthy homemade snacks. Here are 10 kid-friendly ingredients that can be turned into power-packed, healthy and low calorie snacks. 1. Whole Grain Cereal A bowl of whole grain cereal with milk and fruit is a healthy snack

Home is where your kids grow, learn and start exploring the world around them. It’s where they find love, care and comfort. Your child need to feel secure, so his or her mind and body develop properly. However, a little ignorance or carelessness can cause home injuries that is the

Raising up a child can be the toughest task for parents, but if you do this in the aright way it can be a lifetime learning for your little angel. Here are five simple ways to enhance your child’s knowledge, experience and emotional intelligence. 1. Learning New Words. Mostly kids

It can be both harder and easier to dress up your toddler. Easier in a way that he can raise his arms for when you pull off his shirt and harder because he’s often squirming when you do it. So you should choose comfortable and loose fitting clothes that are

Giving your toddler, the potty training is not much hard or stressful. You can manage to potty train your child in less than a week. Don’t believe it? Read on to find out how you can do it. 1. Potty Train In Sessions Let your child eat and play as

From toddler teeth to their night terror, there are the things that parents have to face normally. Here’s a guide how to handle your child’s health issues in the early years of his or her life. 1. Head Bumps All toddlers get head bumps as they fall while start learning

Moms want to have everything perfect, when it comes to celebrating their kids’ special day. Here are some amazing birthday themes that can surely give your kid the best day ever. From princess bashes to sprinkle and strawberries, there are very interesting themes for the guest of honor, Scroll down

Life can be a little bit harder for the single parents who have to handle a lot of tasks and responsibilities on their own. Here’s a guide for the single parents that how they can manage their lives and can have more fun with their child. Develop a routine A

Don’t expect smiles or coos until six weeks. In first six months, your experience will be like working for a complaining boss who doesn’t believe on rewards and appreciation. But all you do for your baby in his early days doesn’t go in vain. Your child feels comforted by his

For new mom and dads, baby’s health may be a hassle, especially in first year. This is because most parents are not familiar with the freaky phenomena of baby’s early life. Here’s a guide to the most common baby health issues that can be disturbing. Is it normal for baby

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