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A toddler died after a procedure at a children’s dental surgery center in Northern California not long ago, her family said. Photographs taken by her mother showed 3-year-old Daleyza Avila-Hernandez playing in the waiting room with her siblings at the dental center, CBS Sacramento station KOVR-TV reports. Minutes after the

Toddler faced many health issues that every parents need to know, following are the main issues and guide line to protect your child. 1.Head Bumps Toddlers faced head bumps in their early days, when they walked earlier. If these head bumps are normal then there is no need worry about

From toddler teeth to their night terror, there are the things that parents have to face normally. Here’s a guide how to handle your child’s health issues in the early years of his or her life. 1. Head Bumps All toddlers get head bumps as they fall while start learning