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In a beautiful rosy princess’s world, where women in novels and fairy tales are often cast in subordinate roles, it’s not always easy to discover positive and strong female role models for our daughters. Here we are rounding up five books that have female characters which will inspire to young

Tired of treating your tot to a sweet or letting her stay up fifteen minutes later when she’s been good? There are plenty of other inspired ways that you can reward your little one. Plan a special activity Let your toddler choose an activity that you and she can do

Now the toddlers are ready to teach us what they need. And as a teacher, recognize, and provider you can teach them what they need, you can teach your babies about the world around them. While this two-way process doesn’t happen immediately – Journeys is one of the most important

Being a father or a mother, it is our moral duty to pay attention towards the kids, because it is not enough to give them birth only. Child development demands plenty of time, so we should keep focus on our kids, fill the communication gape, keep focus, pay full attention,

The toughest task for parents is to raising up their children, but if they are doing this in proper way then it will be good learning experience for your little kid. Here are following five ways to make smart your child. 1.Learning New Words: Kids mostly learn only single word

When a father does silly things for his kid, it does not only bring a smile on his baby’s face but also help with his little one’s development. A new research conducted by the University of Sheffield suggests that toddlers learn the difference between joking and pretending by observing the

Raising up a child can be the toughest task for parents, but if you do this in the aright way it can be a lifetime learning for your little angel. Here are five simple ways to enhance your child’s knowledge, experience and emotional intelligence. 1. Learning New Words. Mostly kids