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The story words can provide a better language of communication to toddlers, and provides them endless pleasure. While, with the pictures of storybook they can enjoy first jointly with you and then they enjoy alone with love. Reading a book with toddler can be such an amazing experience. Our selections

Christmas holidays is the time of the year when your kids can snuggle up in warm pajamas with a cup of hot cocoa and a Christmas book on a cold night. There’s a wide variety of new Christmas and holiday books that you can add to your little one’s bookshelf

AlphaTots Alphabet Your kid would love to learn alphabets by building robots, digging for treasures, and coping alien spaceship. There are more than 26 action verbs that your kid learns through letters and sounds. This app features 26 puzzles and mini games that are designed to help your child learn

Here are the ten best educational websites for kids. The one thing that is common in all is that they seek to make learning fun and interactive. You can take help from these websites in developing the curious mini minds in your home. Curious World Curious World by Houghton Mifflin