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When my 4-year- old son got roseola, I wasn't too surprised. Roseola is often associated with babies up to 18 months old, but childhood diseases are often quite contagious, and we found out that his little cousin had roseola a few days after he was at our house. So when

Pregnancy comes with its restrictions: Avoid soft cheeses, steer clear of certain beauty products, and of course, don’t drink coffee or alcohol. All are trade-offs because we’ll gratefully make in exchange for happy, healthy babies. But get this: New research also says that small amounts of the aforementioned drinks might

Pregnancy isn’t a time for treats for dual; it’s a time to treat poor, swollen feet. Here are some of the best; homemade foot penetrates that will sooth away those third trimester blues. Ingredients: 4 Tbsp. aloe vera gel 2 tsp. fresh mint, optional 4 tsp. grated beeswax 2 tsp.

It is said that Acai berry has several health benefits; it’s also abilities to treat sexual disorders or reduce weight. The truth is that Acai Berry is as good as any other fruit for humans. But if you are pregnant this may or may not hold good. If you are
Stress Affect Your Fetus Health

According to the scientists study from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) most people have a high level of cortisol — a hormone the body releases in response to stressful events and Stress psychology— when they get out of bed in the morning, and that level declines throughout the

If you are trying to practice a healthy lifestyle, that will help you and your unborn baby to keep safely and healthily life. Today I have rounded up the answer about that should pregnant women climb stairs? Have you ever been interested in known about that the pregnant women are

For your big day, we’re not going to lie. Check out our guidelines that will help you to get painless labor. Having a straightforward birth is based on luck. There are ten secrets that can help you do to improve your chances of having a problem-free delivery – from where

Pregnancy is not the time to diet – I don’t recommend it. Even generally, you should gain around 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy. If you’re overweight, the recommendation is to gain between about 11 and 20 pounds. Some gain is unexpected that is given to the baby for it

There are some foods to take care or avoid when you’re pregnant with twins baby because they make you ill and very harmful for your babies’ health. Make sure you know the important facts about foods that you should avoid or take when you’re pregnant with twins. You should avoid

How much weight should you gain during pregnancy? Pregnancy is one and only time in your life when you perfectly accept to put on pounds. But it’s essential to retain your weight within a healthy range for your body form. Here are some common rules to keep your weight gain

According to research Up to, 85% of expectant women feel sickness during their first trimester. Morning sickness can be brutal on your morale and your body, but according to the new study that published in the “Journal of Reproductive Toxicology” shows, morning sickness is worthy because it has many benefits

If you’re trying to figure out that what are the early signs of pregnancy or pregnancy symptoms and how possible they are to mean that you are pregnant. You can ask a lady doctor because your silence can cause worry, but the best thing is that you must read this

Pregnancy is one of the most existing periods of life. Together with the excitement it is usually filled with lots of worries, stress and anxiety. So the health of the moms during pregnancy is very important for baby as well. Therefore, moms should take diet or drinks which help them

Three hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone and their balance play positive role during pregnancy. Healthy hormone cycle helps to maintain, balance of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone hormones. These pregnancy hormones helpful for your hormones production help the tissues, excretion from the body and increase your chances to conceive. Estrogen hormones

Women expecting twins may experience a varied range of symptoms, just like women with singleton do. But there are some extra clues that can indicate you have more than one bun in your oven. The main difference between the symptoms of a singleton pregnancy and a twin pregnancy is usually

What I learned in my pregnancy is that reacting to every pregnancy symptom with alarm is unnecessary. It will only make you tense. You have to let many small pains and aches go, considering them the part of the pregnancy process. But sometimes, when your intuition tells you that something