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Amidst the turmoil and widespread demolition of Hurricane Irma, an extraordinary Miami woman discovered how to spread her own baby at home while on the phone with paramedics talking to her through the media. [email protected] couldn’t respond to woman in labor in Little Haiti. @JacksonHealth docs talked her through birth

A woman from Pittsburgh gave birth to her premature son in a vehicle in transit to the healing center with the child still in her amniotic bag. Raelin Scurry has released an Instagram photo of the boy who faced the best approach of UPMC’s Magee-Women’s Hospital on August 5th. She

We all know birth is probably the most stunning experience out there on weird planet of ours. In any case, few of us get the chance to witness birth unless it’s our infants or we happen to be one of the tribes of doulas and midwives and doctors out there.

More research has said there are advantages to keeping the umbilical line joined for a few minutes after labor a practice known as “delayed cord clamping.” But the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has held off from embracing the work on, saying there was inadequate proof to support it.

The rate of Cesarean segments is expanding, as more ladies need to go under the knife to give birth. Clearly, the medical benefits are enormous, averting possibly deadly circumstances for both mother and child. However, another bit of research proposes, maybe controversially, that the method may likewise be adjusting human
Premature Births

According to search, there are a lot of reasons that premature birth can happen, from an infection that induces labor to serious conditions like preeclampsia or a placental abruption. According to a report by scientists at NYU Langone Medical Center, the annual economic cost of the nearly 16,000 premature births

If you have decided that you will deliver your twins in a hospital, and you will bring some necessities for your stay in the hospital with a lot of believed as there are several items you wish that you will use at the time of delivery your twins! So, it

The Canadian photographer Jessica Bender got the opportunity to join her dear friend Carly, as she welcomed her second baby via C-section delivery. On the day of the delivery, Jessica received a call from mom-to-be Carly saying that her husband had to have emergency surgery and she asked Jessica to

Jessica Bender, a specialized photographer in maternity, newborn, children and family shoots, recently photographed a cesarean section birth. The little angel finally came into our world after 72 hours via C-section. The photographer captured the entire thing. The mom-to-be Felicia said that the photographs make her feel like she was

How the baby is going to be delivered? Who will deliver the baby? And where the baby should be born? These are the decisions that every expectant parent has to make before having a baby. Hospitals are the most common delivery venue, but homes and birthing centers are becoming increasingly

Inducing labor is a common procedure that your doctor may recommend if your pregnancy extends past the due date. As well as medical procedures of inducing labor, there are some research backed natural ways to induce labor that you can try at home. But get your practitioner’s permission first, after

Packing for the hospital can be a daunting task. It would be better to pack long before the due date, just in case you go for labor early. Here are the things you need to pack for mom and baby. The following list may help you pack a hospital pregnancy

When it becomes risky to let pregnancy continue, it’s necessary sometimes to induce labor. The commonly used medical induction procedure usually begins with prostaglandins, which are hormones that soften the cervix and prepare it for labor. They can be given in pills form or applied inside the vagina near the near

There’s good news for all the expecting moms. With many other improvements in science, many positive changes have seen in the medical field. We asked top obstetricians and gynecologists to explain the most important improvements that moms-to-be will benefit from on delivery day. Interventions In Labor And Delivery. Old Rule:

As the due date comes nearer, you will be on the lookout for labor contractions. Do you want to know what will you feel when labor contractions start? Experts say that these contractions can be kind of hard to spell out exactly. It’s always difficult to describe what labor contractions

There is a misconception that if a woman is expecting twins she would essentially have to undergo a cesarean section delivery. But it’s not so! Even some twins expecting moms may not need a C-Section for giving birth to their babies. This is assumption that C-section is the safest way