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Giving birth to a baby can trigger powerful emotions in mom such as fear, anxiety, excitement and joy. Many new moms experience “baby blues” after child birth that includes mood swings, sleeplessness, excessive crying, and depression. But these are not long-lasting. While some other new moms experience severe and long-lasting

If the super hot Blake Lively’s postpartum body makes you concerned about your own, you are not alone who have such feeling. But comparing yourself with a celeb or model is not fair because they have their trainers and chefs who help them to stay fit during pregnancy and get

Most of the women put on weight and body fats after their pregnancy and look flabby. Some retain their previous body shape right after their child’s birth but for some women it becomes difficult to get rid of those unnecessary body fats. They really need to put extra effort to

We can understand how overwhelming it is to lose weight after pregnancy. But a little workout can give you benefits of strength-training like lower blood pressure, boosted mood, increased bone mass and most importantly firmed up softer spots. Read on to know five strength training exercises for tightening your post-baby

After giving birth to your baby, you might face some strange things about your post baby body that can make you worried about. Here are the most common post-pregnancy body issues and the tips for dealing with them. Incontinence You might have your own soaked underwear to deal with as