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If you can’t get enough fruits in your life the minute they come into season, these cocktail recipes are meant for you. The sharp and sweet flavor of the juicy fruit really comes to life. Keep reading to find your happy hour menu for this season. There are so much

Smoothies help to make a supplement to a meal or delicious meal, and smoothies are a nice sweet pleasure treat without the guilt. They only take a couple of minutes to whip up, and they are fairly inexpensive to make. It’s an amazing way to add more nutrients to you

The afterward time you’re speechifying who the actual main character on Game of Thrones is or wondering who will die next tries doing it with a cocktail encouraged by the show. These drinks are odes to certain characters or sets of the show and are just boozy enough to make

You must celebrate the arrival of sun rays and summer fashion, but not without Watermelon Cocktails. What we’re really pumped about is watermelon season. And we thought nothing that we would beat sitting outside without a juicy slice of the fruit, we found these 5 cocktail recipes. These refreshing margaritas,

There are three ingredients Lemon, Cayenne pepper, and water, when they combine, switches into the vital metabolism-boosting, body-cleansing drink. But if you want to make it (happy-hour-friendly) you need to step further. The “Cleanse-a-Rita” cocktail is special for summer and that will keep you cool through out summer season. 1 minute
Cranberry and Ginger Tea Punch:

The warm season is going to start; these refreshing summer sips will satisfy your thirst during hot summer season. We are rounding fresh summer sips that you will enjoy all summer months. Keep scrolling to see the recipes. Iced Fruit Punch: INGREDIENTS 6 c. assorted fruit juices 3 c. ginger

For this summer there are a lot of things that you can enjoy with your kids. But Smoothies are top in the list in order of delicious flavor. Smoothies keep you cool throughout the summer season; that’s why we partnered with Juicy Juice for this post because 100% fruit juice

Summer is not a bad time for a tequila cocktail. Though the most frequent use of the alcohol is in a classic lime margarita, the Mexican agave-based zip blends well with everything from fruits to juices. Keep scrolling for three fun and wonderful tequila cocktail recipes, then check out other
summer drink

It will be happy hour, if you enjoy it with margarita. We are rounding up so many customization options — different fruit flavors, frozen or on the rocks, salt or no salt — there’s literally a mix for everyone. So it’s a time to celebrate your favorite drink, we put

It’s time to break the stereotype: because it’s time to say welcome to the mojitos, mojitos aren’t just a summer drink. Sure, they might bring back your memories of hot days when you were sitting by the pool, Keep scrolling for delicious recipes — or try SWEET CHERRY MOJITO INGREDIENTS:

Strawberry is the height using the fruit of spring season, spring strawberries recipes must help to fulfill your need on the table during these short months. They would be suitable and sweeter, from dishes to drinks to desserts; Strawberry recipes will inspire with fresh fruit in your diet. STRAWBERRY MARGARITAS

It’s considered that summer is the best time for a tequila cocktail. Though the most common use of the alcohol is in a classic lime margarita, the Mexican agave-based zip blends well with everything from fruits to liquors. Keep scrolling to see tequila cocktail “Thyme-Infused Ruby Red Grapefruit Margarita” recipe

Cool off! You need to cool off this summer. Cocktails are the refreshing tool during summer season they also help to fight against warm weather, whether you prefer fruity or minty tastes, wine or liquor, we are rounding up 2 simple cocktails recipes that are sure to refresh and impress.

Celebrate your Valentine’s Day sugar fix with any one of these perfect recipes inspiration. However you’re hosting a crowd of guests or just want to surprise the kiddos with a special Valentine’s Day treat, we’ve rounded up 5 ultimately indulgent inspirations. Get the recipes now! Happy Hour: Bramble: INGREDIENTS REQUIRED;

If you’re suffering from morning sickness or starving all the time during pregnancy, smoothies can be very helpful and work as life-savers for you. With Full of fiber, healthy fruits and veggies and other essential nutrients, these sweet sips of Smoothies are perfect for breakfast, a light lunch, or a

From cranberry to apple to maple, we have compiled here some of the best cocktail and drink recipes for thanksgiving. So whether you’re hosting a turkey party or just planning for a thanksgiving dinner, get your hands on the following cocktail and drink recipes to please your feeders. Cranberry Champagne