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There’s nothing more terrible than a sunscreen fall flat — except when it happens to your child.   Rebecca Cannon did everything appropriate to ensure her 14-month-old, Kyla, from the sun. She utilized an airborne sunscreen, and the name unmistakably said the shower an aerosol sunscreen, and the label clearly

Hello, you there. We know, we know — you’re occupied. In any case, those entire grapes you’re serving to your children are little lumps of risk. It’s not a myth, and we are very brave visual verification to get the point over. So get cutting — and cut them lengthwise

We don’t care for vaping. It’s quite nasty. It took off before researchers could truly pound home the entire “humans, this is another really stupid idea” message. Also, late reviews have demonstrated that vaping is no superior to smoking the extent that your poor veins are concerned. How might it

Sometimes teaching our children a lesson is more than just moving our fingers and managing disciplines. Here and there, we must show them what kind of individuals we must be by being themselves. That’s what there is a school key from Packwood Center, in Iowa, made Tuesday when he had

Watching your baby take her first steps is an exciting milestone for you and her. And now that she’s cruising, you may want to consider purchasing her first pair of baby shoes. Numerous types of shoes are on the market, but which ones are best for supporting a new walker? The

Child’s Sippy cups are an essential thing in any young family’s house, but with current reports of mold found in Tommee Tippee cups, most parents are probably worried about how dangerous these everyday items are. If you haven’t read the news, here’s the point about news: A parent from Montreal
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My daughter is growing and turning to 5. I know that she is not at the age when I can remotely have discussions about such senseless acts of misuse and violation like rape. And really, how do I sit down and talk to her about the things that real-life monsters

Home is a place where your kids grow up, and get your love your attention and they learn and explore the world’s circus. Your child need save places where they can play and they can learn and grow, but you’re a bit ignorance can put their life at risk. Kids

Attention parents! There’s an increased risk of traumatic head injury due to falling TVs, a new study says. New research published in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics found out that traumatic head injuries due to falling TVs are on the upsurge. About 16,500 injuries from toppling TVs were reported between the year

If you are a mom who always wants to be informed about your child’s location, our today’s post is for you. Here’s a list of apps that are designed for the parents to know their child’s whereabouts. We bet these apps will give you more peace of mind. Find My

Home is where your kids grow, learn and start exploring the world around them. It’s where they find love, care and comfort. Your child need to feel secure, so his or her mind and body develop properly. However, a little ignorance or carelessness can cause home injuries that is the