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A recent Australian study shows that investing a normal care for grandchildren can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by increasing brain capacity. “This is our first grandson, and we’re very happy to have it in our lives,” said Mary Humm. She and her wife Patrick are Alex’s grandparents. “We

Charlie Chaplin once expressed that “a day without laughter is a day wasted” – and Chelsea Houska’s  youngsters are living by this timeless motto.   The Teen Mom 2 parent shared a sweet look at her smaller than normal me Aubree and her newborn child Watson interfacing, smiles what not.

How would we bring up children who are grateful for all that they have rather than continually needing, requesting and expecting more? There’s not a parent out there who won’t have any desire to know the appropriate response. For that, we swung to family and youngster behavioral master Dr. Jennifer

Most us expect that children can’t experience depression and anxiety because those are feelings you can only have after you learn about things like injustice, unrequited love and who our president is. But a new study says that even infants can show signs associated with later depression and anxiety. In

Superheroes are the right forces that go to bat for the little ones and are respected for their important qualities. Surprisingly, the impacts of these main characters actually have on small children could be the reverse. In a study revealed for the current month in the Journal of Abnormal Child

The quantities of young children conceived affected by opioids is growing, particularly in provincial ranges, as per another review distributed today in the medicinal journal JAMA Pediatrics. The discoveries fit with past studies that have discovered higher rates of opioid manhandle in country territories when contrasted with urban regions, said

You’ve spent months trying to master your toddler’s nightly tuck-in, and you’re finally reaping the rewards with their blissful slumber. But around the age of 3, your perfected routine may start to crumble when your kiddo suddenly seems spooked by nightmares or has a fear of the dark. At this age, a child’s

These are some common mistakes parents make that actually hurt their children’s physical and mental health in the long term. And these mistakes go horribly wrong over the years that can result in self-harm, suicide and, in extreme cases, even murder. Here I am rounding up some of the most
child at bath tub

Having to get a kid to take a bath is one of the most patience-trying parental tasks out there. There are some reasons; kids hate getting in the shower as much as a cat does, but when once they clean, they beg to sit and play until they’ve successfully turned

As a parent, it can be worrying when your child doesn’t seem to feel as special as you know they are. Watching a kid bears a bout of low self-esteem can be difficult, because despite how wonderful you tell your little one they are, you watch as they dearth the

“You can’t have it!” your child shouts as she grabs her toy truck from her playmate. No sooner have you smoothed out that squabble than another erupts. “No!” she yells as her visitor heads toward her rock collection. Why doesn’t your child know how to share? What to expect at
kid speak truth

We know that kids say the darnedest things, but some of those darn things can be cruel to us. It’s funny and cute until you’ve experienced the “joy” of an attentive kid making an innocent observation that hits like a key truth bomb. Whether it’s about your stranger’s ear hair
Anxious Child

Just try to figure out if you agree that the real cause behind a child’s biggest worries and concerns can be a challenging task for any parent. But once you’ve become known for the heart of the problem, it can be just as challenging to know exactly what to say
rud child

If you find that your child is badly in discipline, and he is out of control, here’s you need verbal defiance from a toddler because it is relatively easy to take in the right way. But many parents are unnerved when bigger kids talk bad; it’s not only irritating but
mother with bad child

Please raise your hand! If you Love Your Child, But Don’t “Like” own offspring. The truth is that being a parent means sometimes loving our kids to the moon and back–but not always loving their behavior. I think, and I hope so anyway? That’s normal situation. Sometimes, we believe that
child stress

It doesn’t point that they’re a full-blown teenager or tiny tot — all kids may experience forms of stress. With the mounting pressure to excel in school and hectic schedules filled with challenging activities, your little ones may deal with more intense stress at this age. How your child processes