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An infant in Bangladesh has something in a similar manner as Brad Pitt – or possibly classic movie version featuring him as Benjamin Button, a man whose age goes in reverse.   The baby was born with an extremely rare genetic disorder called Progeria at Bangladesh Medical College Hospital in

We’ve seen some quite astounding things in the world of baby news, but this video of a very chatty, very precocious 13-week-old Ellie Reid of Glasgow, Scotland, totally amazed us. Of course, it might resemble your basic sweet baby video, yet watch what happens when Ellie’s mom, Claire, discloses to

Two new cousins ​​on the planet are receiving a lot of consideration – and have been advised to get used to being dressed as twins. Kim Abraham and Danielle Grant of New Jersey thought it was completely insane for both to have the same expiration date on April 22 –

Actress Casey Wilson reported on her podcast, Bitch Sesh, that she is pregnant. “Some big news on my end, which is that I am pregnant again,” Wilson told her podcast listeners. “I’m so excited. I was feeling so sick for about a month.” This will be Wilson’s second kid with
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Mom Congratulations! Newborn twins have come into the world, or perhaps you have just found out you are expecting twins. Of course, the first step is to become aware of your new baby twins, twenty fingers and twenty toes, check. It’s very amazing that two tiny people are now in

Are you searching for baby name inspiration? You’ve come to the right place! Today we are coming up with a striking, solid name that you’ll love for newborn babies that will suit them well into maturity. We’ve searched the different web, and bring you 10 boys’ names that are unusual,

Your baby must be looking cute in these pictures — you can take lots of pictures on baby’s first day. Baby’s first-day looks like a blur because everyone involved in the little one’s birth. Before going every moment, you should capture all memories in your camera. You have a newborn

The chart is an estimated average weight of the growth of twin’s baby. Remember that it’s an average weight there will be quite a bit of difference for some twins baby, they  may be under and over these weights so don’t worry if your babies have a bit different weight!

HNS hospital studies showed that 770 babies delivery took place each year on Saturday or Sunday or either still born and die within seven days after their birth, 7.3 percent almost more than the whole other week. Researchers find out that the deliveries in English NHS public services 1 April

Newly born babies don’t have particular language in which they can demand their needs from their parents, therefore nature has given them such tool like crying, they use these type of tools in order to get their desires, parents especially mother knows that what kind of problem he or she

Doctors are alleged to provide improper and insufficient guide to new moms about breastfeeding, sleep safety and immunizations. According to a new study, about twenty percent of new moms say their doctors didn’t tell them about breasfeeding and how to lay down a baby properly to sleep. And when doctors

Did you ever wonder what is going on in the world inside your baby’s head? If yes, then you’ll definitely find this new study interesting that researchers have done about newborns. It can be a little hard to believe that our babies minds are even more incredible than we thought.

The primary phase of parenthood is a period of extraordinary trust and fervor, and numerous parents look for a perfect picture taker to help them capture the beauty of their newly born kid. In case you’re seeking for a professional photographer to records this newest expansion to your family, have

What most pregnancy-related books and classes teach you is about labor and delivery, and then of course about motherhood. But what about the crossed eyes and cone-shaped head? After birth, you’ll soon notice some freaky things about your newborn. But before you call your doctor, we have got the rundown

An increase is reported in the numbers of infants with vitamin K deficiency which can raise the risk of uncontrolled bleeding in the baby’s brain and intestines. An investigation have found that the infants didn’t receive vitamin K shots. Also, doctors are reporting a growing trend among anti-vaccine parents refusing

You had gone through the most critical phase of your life in last nine months of pregnancy, and might have undergone a surgery for giving birth to your twins. Now get ready for the new challenges! Between the countless diaper changes and nonstop bottle washing and feeding, you won’t have