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We’ve seen some quite astounding things in the world of baby news, but this video of a very chatty, very precocious 13-week-old Ellie Reid of Glasgow, Scotland, totally amazed us. Of course, it might resemble your basic sweet baby video, yet watch what happens when Ellie’s mom, Claire, discloses to

Everything you need to know about your first-year baby milestones .In first months, new baby is developing in the blink of an eye. From sleeping constantly as newborn to giggling and taking first steps by one year, it’s a total shift — and hard to keep right way of all

Yeah! Teething is such a painful process for both baby and mom. Learn about the signs and symptoms of teething, plus the soothing remedies that will ease this uncomfortable baby milestone. Our help you need to take the bite out of it. Teething is nature’s idea of a practical joke.

You no need to stop breastfeeding once your baby has teeth. However babies’ first teeth usually come through around six months, but some child takes longer to develop teeth. Even few are born with teeth. However many breastfeed babies have teeth, most do not bite their mothers. If your child’s
Breastfeed Your 1- To 3-Month

As your newborn develops mentally and physically, the feeding process will evolve. Naturally, babies move toward consuming more milk during each feeding. During your child’s first to 3 months, breast milk or formula will provide all the nutrition needed. Your infant also becomes more attentive during first few weeks. He

After the study, the American Academy of Pediatrics has identified significant milestones for babies’ ages three months. We’ve included easy and fun ways to help newborn reach these critical developmental signs, plus provide very helpful information that new parents should know. Starts Using Hands & Eyes in Coordination Type of
Baby's Second Month

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it has identified significant milestones for babies’ ages the second month. We’ve included easy and fun ways to help your newborn growth and development, plus helpful information new parents should know. Supports Upper Body with Arms When Lying on Stomach Type of Milestone:
1- Months Baby growth

After research, the American Academy of Pediatrics has identified significant milestones for babies’ ages one month. We’ve included easy and fun ways to help your newborn reach these key age-related signs, plus helpful information that new parents should need to know. Raises Head & Chest When Lying on Stomach: Type
6 Things Your Baby Learns Every Day

Everyone think that the early months with their babies are all about feeding, diapering, and sleeping. But here are countless interactions every day that they teach them about love, attachment, security, trust, empathy, language, and even math. “Babies are like little learning machines, picking up everything around them,” says Gail

Most kids start talking by age 2, there’s a wide range in the number of words that they use during at this age, but it’s commonly suggested that they should be using at least 50. However, according to recent research that led by Leslie Rescorla, Ph.D., a professor and clinician

Baby likes to attach with mom and caressing, massaging, or touching the baby’s skin can help to develop motherhood, the child feels relax and contribute to promote the production of growth hormone and to stimulate the development of the central nervous system of the baby. That why this is the

From cooing to cruising, we’ve rounded up the month-by-month guide to your baby’s emotional, physical and intellectual development. When will your baby sit up, crawl and walk? What is it considered normal when the baby comes to reaching milestones? Baby’s’ growth once is a kind of development; when your baby

Baby signing is a great way to communicate with your little one before she can communicate. Plus, it’s been shown to bring parents and their babies closer. And the best bit? It’s surprisingly simply for you and your baby to learn. It reduces frustration Various research has shown that signing

Get your game face on – play is the best way to boost your baby’s development on every level. Silly noises and faces might not seem that educational to you, but your baby learns loads from playing simple games. The most important games are basic that allow you to share

Child development experts believe that the first years of a child’s life are a prime time for learning, but sometimes it may be tough to think of new ways to stimulate your baby. Let these fun — and scientific — activities will inspire you. Stick out your tongue Studies show

Most babies have fairly a predictable sense of humor and often the thing that makes them happiest is your big, smiling face. Luckily, babies do not care if we are wearing makeup, they think we smell like love itself, and your coffee-stained bathrobe feels just as wonderful to them whether