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Macklemore and his wife are having another baby

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Macklemore and his spouse have another child on the way. Surprized?


Macklemore and his best half, Tricia Davis, as of now have a girl, Sloane Ava Simone, who is 2. On September 28, Macklemore imparted Davis pregnancy news to his Instagram fans - each of the 4 million they, no problem

"Tricia is pregnant, and today we will discover the sex of our uncle," he says in the video while he - covered by Tricia, Sloane and his family - cuts into a half-blue, half-pink cake. The joke is upon us, as his huge "sex reveals" statement ends up being, "We're having ... a time of night at KeyArena!" as everyone around him laughs hysterically. We would be down with having Thanksgiving dinner with the Macklemore family.


Macklemore was peaceful on the subject of Sloane's entry in 2015, only counting individuals two months later when he and his loyal contributor Ryan Lewis downloaded "Growing Up (Sloane's Song)." Macklemore and Davis got hooked a month after Sloane's introduction in the world, and the rapper was glad to communicate that news to the web: "He hooked on June 27, once the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex could also. "


Macklemore has been a direct partner and promoter of the rights of the homosexuals; in fact, is willing to play his LGBTQ anthem "Same Love" in Australia on Sunday in the National Rugby League last - however some moderate Aussies, including the executive, are trying to prevent that from happening. He has a lot of followers in Oz, though, so we'd be surprised at the possibility that nothing would stop Macklemore from sharing his "Same Love" message.
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