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Kim Kardashian West talks about her miscarriage

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Despite his brilliant lifestyle, idealize the conformation and the super-hot butt, life has not been remarkable behind a camera for Kim Kardashian West. The star of Keeping Up with Kardashians truly responded to her pregnancies and to the dying and surprising state of placenta accreta who underwent both modes of transport (and asked a specialist to rub her placenta of her uterus by hand after she has designed a descent - shiver *). Kardashian West also experienced a preeclampsia during her first pregnancy with the north.


We are now discovering how merciless it was to make her first pregnancy on a happy birthday of the tenth anniversary of Kardashians (goodness, how time passes). In the rare, Kardashian West describes his underlying arrangement to solidify his eggs after an authority of fortune warned him that pregnancy would not be simple for her. Shortly after, Kardashian West found that she was "random" pregnant - and disheveled.


"I called [Kanye], and he thought that one of my parents had thrown the bucket, I was so crazy," said Kardashian West on the outstanding TV. "I considered that my life was, that I was pregnant and that it would be so difficult for me.


The show also discovers in advance an unwanted film from Kardashian West trying to monitor the appalling stomach throughout pregnancy. "At one point, I thought I had a job without success; I was sure," he said. When he went to see a specialist, he communicated the news: "There is no pulse, you have had a job failed." The next morning, anyway, they tried again to hear a pulse, and this time it could be heard.


"It seemed to me," God, my god! It was an exciting day of Thanksgiving, "said Kardashian West singularly." And now, after many panic problems and other medical problems, Kardashian West and his wife, Kanye West, are expecting their third child by a substitute, sources say she is a girl, scheduled for January 2018.


We are convinced that the pregnancy of the surrogate mother is a breeze - and soon we will have more relationships at the beginning of the newest heir to the Kardashian-West tradition.
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