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Increased amounts of fluoride in the urine to reduce IQ scores among children

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For a considerable time, many groups added fluoride to drinking water to reduce depressions. However, another test that revealed a connection between levels of fluoride in pregnant women and a lesser knowledge of their children can give ammunition in advance to people who issue questions about this training.

In the main research of this type, examiners at the University of Toronto, McGill, the Harvard School of Public Health and various foundations found a link between fluoride in pregnant women's pee and small measurements of perception among young people.

In the review published Tuesday in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, experts say they examined 287 sets of moms and children in Mexico City at various stages of neurodevelopment. The review recorded pregnant women from 1994 to 2005, performing panic tests of pregnant mothers and their children up to the age of six and 12 years to assess their exposure to fluoride.

At that time, broke the way fluorine in the pee of pregnant mothers identified penetration measures. These measures incorporated the verbal skills of young people at the age of four, in addition to their ability to perform perceptually, memory and motor. They have tried again for similar things between six and 12 years old.

The specialists found a remarkably large association between the abnormal amounts of fluoride in mothers when they were pregnant and reduced scores on these measures of perception. There was no relationship between urinary fluoride levels in children and their test results.

Dr. Howard Hu, lead review officer and educator of ecological well-being, disease transmission and global well-being at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, says fluorine levels in mothers was more predictable of lower test results may be due to how the brains of babies grow so fast while they are in the womb.

"This is predictable with a growing appreciation of natural well-being as the development of the fetal sensory system is more sensitive to exposures than a sensory system created," he told CTVNews.ca by phone from Sydney.

Tap water in many groups in Canada has been fluoridated for a long time, in an offer to avoid pits and improve bone well-being. In any case, lately, appearance has begun to manifest itself by recommending that fluorine be a neurotoxin. "Some time ago, when they started this review, no one was stressed by fluoride," Hu said.

Anyway, a 2007 book by the National Research Council of National Academies of the United States described the link between mineral and neurodevelopment.

Dr. Hu said that some explorations have suggested that fluoride may interfere with cell detachment neurotransmitters. Concentrates in mice recommend collecting in the hippocampus a critical point of mind for learning and memory.

Dr. Hu noted the research that tested fluoride in significantly higher measurements than those obtained in fluoridated water. In any case, he says that this research "opens the door" to consider fluoride as a neurotoxic.

"The levels of introduction are higher, in any case, there is currently a reasoning method to expect that this could also affect the lowering of levels," he said.

For example, the birth weight of children, their gestational age, the history of smoking in mothers, their IQ, the introduction of lead, and then some, the connection they found conserved.

"There is a potential that fluoride is the intermediary of another realistic artist who takes part, but I can not imagine what it would be," said Dr. Hu.

"We tried for each of the things we might think we could follow neurological development, but we only discovered a possible confounding factor."

Dr. Hu and his associates acknowledge that fluoridated water and toothpaste have greatly reduced the speed of holes and should be recognized as "a general example of well-being to overcome adversity."

Nevertheless, they say more research is needed on the potentially adverse effects of fluoride, especially in pregnant women and young women.
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