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Each adolescence vaccine may go into a solitary jab

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Its unique device stores the antibody in tiny containers that unload the underlying dose, and then sponsors in special circumstances.


The approach seemed to work on the thoughts of the mouse, depicted in the journal Science.


Scientists say that innovation could help patients around the world.


Vaccinations in young people accompany tears and tears. Also, there are many.


Diphtheria, lockjaw, hacker, polio, Hib and hepatitis B at eight, 12 and four months.


Pneumococcal accident at two months, four months and one year


Vaccination of men B at two months, four months and one year


One year Hib / Men C Immunization


Measles, mumps and rubella at one year and three years & four months


A group from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has composed a kind of miniaturized molecule on a scale that could consolidate everything into a single boost.


The particles resemble reduced scale espresso glasses which are loaded with antibodies and then fixed with a lid.


Urgently, the contours of the cups can be adjusted to separate and pour their substance into the ideal moment.


An arrangement of the tests showed that the substance could be evacuated in nine days, 20 and 41 days after their infusion in mice.


There were also different particles that continue for several days, analysts say.


The approach has not yet been proven in patients.


The teacher. Robert Langer of MIT said: "We are extremely helped with this work.


"It is interesting to note that we can create a library of small particles of vaccination, each modified to download at a precise moment, not surprising so that individuals could obtain a single infusion that would have integrated several sponsors.


"This could significantly affect patients everywhere, especially in the creative scene."


The work varies according to past efforts, which have gradually rejected pharmaceutical products for an exhausted time.


The idea is that short and precise antibody gusts protect more vigorously routine inoculation programs.


Kevin McHugh, a Kindred specialist, said: "At the creation stage, this may be the distinction between not receiving the vaccine and accepting most of your immunizations at once."
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