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Miami’s mother alone gives birth during Hurricane Irma

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Amidst the turmoil and widespread demolition of Hurricane Irma, an extraordinary Miami woman discovered how to spread her own baby at home while on the phone with paramedics talking to her through the media.

Sea storm Irma, who attacked the United States as individuals recover from the destruction of Harvey, has not brought many joyful opportunities. Anyway, this birth story is probably excellent.

Tropical storm Irma rejected the whirlpools and rain prevented rescuers and rescuers from dealing with the downpour of the crisis calls. A mother in the Miami Little Haiti neighborhood who ended up working in the midst of the storm - had no choice but to take matters into her own hands.


Eloy García, Chief Associate and Fire Chief of the Miami Fire Rescue Department, told Miami Herald: "We could not react, so she also transmitted the placenta, the office revealed how to attach it."


The mother and her new baby were rushed to a neighborhood healing center when the streets were protected, and the Miami-Dade Police Division tweaked a photo of VIP transportation.
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