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Sweden welcomes a royal baby

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We will never be members of royalty, but we cover them constantly and their propensity to reproduction.

As we are honest, there is no birth certificate as an illustrative birth certificate. Trumpets and thunderers of a corseted group, waistcoats that waved handkerchiefs and thrown posies at the gates of the royal residence.

Where else is another imperial out on a velvet carpet this time around? It's not our beloved England. This time the guards to whom we are referring are Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden - the ground that gave me Ikea and her Dagstorp sofas, Flärdfull flavored candles, lingonberry, and francs. In Sweden, more and more common mountain skiers have vulgar beauty with cheekbones that could cut a finger. So do not be an idiot. Do not go to Sweden and touch the bones of any skier. Horrible thought.

"The Office of the Marshal of the Kingdom is delighted to declare that HRH Princess Sofia gave birth to a solid tyke on 31 August 2017 at 11:24 in Danderyd hospital, that the mother and child are in good health." said an announcement published by the Office of the Marshal of the Kingdom

Arrogant thieves in the workplace have refused to share the name or sexual orientation of the young child, probably because they are still very busy choosing a name from the most recent list of Ikea. This could take some time, we are considering.

The sovereign Carl Philip and Princess Sophia reported the pregnancy in March by a Facebook link (if not a current eminence, we do not recognize what it is).

"We are pleased to state that we are expecting a tyke, a relative of Prince Alexander," a pleasant interpreter deciphered for us. "We hope to respect another individual in our family."

Sovereign Alexander, is "sweet and very taken" as indicated by the princess and a mixture of herself and her partner. We are almost certain that this quartet is a Disney movie but will not tell anyone - especially not to the Marshal's Office of the Kingdom - because an entire nation trusts the authentic imperial family, and we should give Sweden a chance to have that.
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