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Katy Perry with a fake baby at VMA

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From time to time, the jokes arrive correctly to the VMA, and the meeting of the people occurs. Sometimes VMA jokes diminish they fall from the host's mouth, fall on the stage and squirm horribly as everyone looks.

The drama of Katy Perry's children in the 2017 VMA fell yesterday in the final standings. Perry holding a child with a false forgery on a wearer - said: "My administration has revealed to me that I should have a fake baby to attract attention and have more disciples. It is Bella, supported by Fit Tea ".

The child's false production, expressing his gratitude to God, was quickly wrapped up by DJ Khaled, who entered with his fallen child, Asahd, on his hip.

INGLEWOOD, CA - AUGUST 27: Katy Perry speaks onstage during the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum on August 27, 2017 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

DJ Khaled is a truly happy father, and in case you have no idea, Asahd's boy is constantly with him. We love Baby Asahd; we will not lie. Anyway, even Baby Asahd has his own Instagram account, where his people publish photos with him, say, his new fate from the new Gucci plastic closet.

Many of us are guilty of overcoming the barriers of our children online - and yet the Perry besieged joke, despite everything that lags us in regard to what we share later. We are not entirely sure of how we feel more than our fame at the expense of protecting our children.
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