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Babysitting grandkids may prevent Alzheimer

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A recent Australian study shows that investing a normal care for grandchildren can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease by increasing brain capacity. "This is our first grandson, and we're very happy to have it in our lives," said Mary Humm.

She and her wife Patrick are Alex's grandparents. "We have other grandparents families in the area, and we are ready to participate in this meeting," said Patrick. His introduction as Alex's keeper may not have been simple.

"I realized I had to go into recurrences of my memories of what it was to appease and soothe a baby," Mary said.

Either way, consider that the mind recommends and decreases the chances of developing depression.

"One of the best things you can do as you get older is to maintain these interactions with other humans," said Dr. Diana Kerwin, director of geriatrics at Texas Health Dallas and Texas Alzheimer's organizer.

"If you think about caring for a child, you tend to be more teachers; you teach them new experiences, perhaps take them to the zoo or work on the vocabulary with them. The babysitter as well, "said Dr. Kerwin.

Physical activity involved in caring for children is good. Kerwin noted that he would probably participate in exercises such as the recreation center, the youth push on a swing or a walk.

"It's a good exercise to take care of a baby," Mary said. "You balance them, you shake them."

Texas Health named it "Grandparents 101" for this new era of grandmothers and grandparents. They learn new health rules, the newborn's CPR and how to create a nursery.

For the Hummus, the class took them away from their rut and prepared themselves for what Alex would throw in their way.

"You do not have time to think of anything else," Mary said. "It's a wonderful exercise in love, it's."
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