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‘Will and Grace’ Star Devastated by Son’s Dyspraxia Diagnosis

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Will and Grace alum and Good Luck Charlie star Leigh-Allyn Baker were crushed to find out that her 8-year-old son, Griffin Samuel, has dyspraxia.

A developmental disorder that can affect coordination (remaining on one foot, composing or simply holding a pencil, getting dressed), dyspraxia can make day by day life troublesome for an affected child.

For Griffin's situation, the dyspraxia shows as frequent falls and dropping items. His mom explained that he showed no symptoms until he was a little more than 3 years old.

“It was then that we noticed a pretty big change,” Baker told People. "He never picked a dominant side with his hands. That was the primary piece of information. He utilized the two hands to essentially do everything.

“He’s far advanced in many areas, but then there are other areas like standing on one foot, holding a pencil or writing that are just extremely difficult for him,” she included.

A year or so later, Griffin's preschool likewise saw a few irregularities in coordination. Griffin was having trouble putting on his jacket, socks, and shoes, so his instructors proposed that Baker tries a word related specialist out and ask for an inside and out evaluation.  Baker was stunned by the diagnosis.

“He was assessed for two sessions — an hour and a half to two hours each — and I thought they were gonna tell me his hands are a little weak and he needs to play with Legos,” she explained. “I’ll never forget, she just said, ‘So, Griffin has dyspraxia.’

“I didn’t make a noise; tears just rolled down my face. I’ve never experienced that kind of emotion before," Baker said existing apart from everything else.

In August, Baker will be participating in a Facebook Live chat with Dyspraxia Foundation USA in hopes of enlightening others about the disorder and helping different guardians adapt to their child's disorder.

Sadly, some aren't determined to have dyspraxia until some other time in life. Stephanie Guidera, a traditional vocalist from Liverpool, England, was determined at 20 struggling with issues for years. "Dyspraxia is like the physical version of dyslexia," she said in a video for BBC News.

Leigh Allyn-Baker plans to enable Griffin as much as he to can before his grown-up years. She recognized that hearing “a big scary name” like dyspraxia can be a mind-boggling knowledge.

“I always feel like if I just had a crystal ball to see what his future would be like, I could breathe. I could relax more,” she said.

Regardless of deficits in balance — and some muscle weakness and fine-motor skills problems — Griffin keeps on flourishing and is an inventive, innovative, outgoing boy.

His mother is focused on finding better approaches to enable Griffin's coordination and cerebrum to capacity to "give him the best shot for his future possible."

Baker stated, “We have to adapt to situations. Life is alive and always on the move."
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