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Mindy Kaling Is Pregnant

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Mindy Kaling goes against the part of life! Several sources indicate that actress A Wrinkle in Time is pregnant with her first child.

A source explained that the future arrival of her was "a surprise," but that there will be no change in the production schedules of her next projects.

Although he is little-known in the introduction of the time on Mindy's little girl, years ago, she openly expressed that he wanted to have children.

"I think I decided that unlike anything else in my life, I will be fast and loose on children," he told Yahoo! Style in sitting. "I will not actively plan, but if this happens, it will happen." He also admitted that he would like to have children, at that time, "maybe imminent."

She also shared some understanding of what she would need to welcome young people into the world, saying, "I am not a gentleman about who I would have a child." But what I ask of all Parents I admire, all they have is Who wants to have children before. "

Kaling said Benjamin Nugent of 2008-2012 and his co-star of the B.J. Novak office, 2005-2007.

This is undoubtedly a period of considerable change for the character on the screen, as the sixth and final season of The Mindy will be presented shortly to Hulu.

In March, the former office star talked to EW about the option to finish The Mindy Project: "I mean jokingly, but at one point it was like, I think it came out with all The men in Manhattan. Seasons with ten episodes each ... I do not know that there was a show about a woman trying to find love in New York that lasted so long and frankly, more Hollywood actors are up to date. "
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