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Mother in Hot Water for Dyeing Toddler’s Hair Pink

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Gracious, sweet Jesus. You know you are living in the last days when individuals are currently belittling a mother who enchanted her 2-year-old daughter by dyeing her hair pink β€” a temporary, nontoxic pink.


Genuinely, the Salem Witch Trials were an impact contrasted with the present condition of society with its judgment-passing, blame dealing Twitterverse. Mothers β€” standard, celeb lite and super celeb β€” are for the most part under attack, disgraced for each decision conceivable, regardless of how harmless.


So everyone take a full breath and breathe out while we inform you regarding web-based social networking identity Charity Grace LeBlanc and her 2-year-old briefly-pink-haired daughter, Felicity.

LeBlanc portrays Felicity as "so lovable, the ultimate cuddle bug, belly-laughs at anything goofy her big brother does, and is obsessed with pink, glitter and unicorns."


β€œShe loves to play dress-up with me and we spend time together being creative and letting our imaginations run wild, so it only made sense to try out some pink hair!" LeBlanc said.


So LeBlanc shot a fun video of herself coloring Felicity's hair. The video showed up on YouTube and Instagram.
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