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Mother in Hot Water for Dyeing Toddler’s Hair Pink

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You know you are living in the last few days when individuals are currently worried about a mother who loved her 2-year-old daughter by dyeing her pink hair with a temporary, non-toxic rose.

In fact, Salem's witchcraft trials had a mixed impact on the company's current situation with its judgment, which cost Twitterverse. The standard mothers, celebrity, and super celeb are mostly under attack, dishonored by all possible decisions, regardless of safety.

So, everyone breathes completely and exhales while we inform you of the identity of social networking on the Internet. Charity Grace LeBlanc and her two-year-old daughter with short, pink hair, Felicity.

LeBlanc portrays Felicity as "so adorable, the last insulting, belly laughing at everything his big brother does and is obsessed with pink, sequins, and unicorns."

"She loves to play with me, and we spend the time to be creative and let our imagination go crazy, so it makes sense to try pink hair," LeBlanc said.

So, LeBlanc filmed a fun video about herself to color the hair of Felicity. The video appeared on YouTube and Instagram.
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