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Baby Hospitalized After Overheating on the United Airlines

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The newest bad dream in the chain of bad publicity dream for the organization came as a baby in a hot airplane overheated United heat for a delay and required hospitalization.

Emily France, the mother of the baby, the various guards need to understand what happened in their flight because he was sure his son was going to die.

France and her 4-month-old son, Owen, went to El Paso from Denver. The travelers had since loaded on the plane when the flight was delayed as deferred. They were held on the asphalt for nearly two hours when the temperature increased due to a heat wave.

"They were not equipped to handle it," Denver told the Denver Post. "They could not evacuate us; it was chaos, I thought my son was going to die in my arms."

France and Owen were located at the back of the plane, where the hot air had an impact on the vents.

The infant Owen began to insinuate the hot pains. Specialists have flight packages waste ice-loaded Owen and his mother, trying to cool quickly with wet wipes.

"We sat down and sat down, and I realized," I think he's getting dangerously hot here, "said France.

Authorized flight specialists France and Owen leave the plane for 20 minutes, but when they recharged, France was horrified to discover that the flight had been postponed. She took her baby in front of the plane, through the open door, and stayed there with another mother and her bothered baby. At this moment Owen became ugly. "His whole body blinked, and his eyes turned on his head, and he was screaming," said France. "And it was soft in my arms; it was the worst moment of my life."

We can not imagine it. Also, little by little, one wonders why the "friendly skies" have proved to be so threatening.

France said travelers should plead for a rescue vehicle for the benefit of his son, while flight chaperones states differ, no matter whether it is a therapeutic crisis. Meanwhile, Owen entered and left consciousness for the 30 minutes he took the plane to return to the door.

"They seemed completely unprepared for a medical emergency," France said. This seems to be an understatement given that a baby loses consciousness inside and out for half an hour without any action.

The current approach of carriers is that the two-hour wait in the landing area with on-board travelers is adequate. In any case, France believes that carriers must study the climate before implementing this program.

"If the temperature on the plane exceeds a certain level, passengers must be removed immediately," France said.

We could not go more and more - especially when there are children involved. Airlines, are you listening?

As for Owen? He was treated in a hospital, then released to go home. But what happened to him is simply inexcusable.
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