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Kim Kardashian West Criticized for Saint’s Forward Facing Car Seat

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Kim Kardashian West is under the heat of the Web following the publication of a photograph of her one-year-old son, Saint-Ouest, in what gives the impression of being face to face.

Analysts often lose their garbage, accusing Kardashian West Commenters of having lost their fucking poop, accusing Kardashian West of endangering his son and violating the law, as a recent California law stipulates that children under two years of age must Be secured in a car seat

However - breathes the world - there are exceptions to this law, as in the case of a child weighing more than 40 pounds or measuring more than 40 inches in height. And Saint's father, Kanye West, is really a big guy, so ... it's possible that Saint is a great guy.

Do you know who knows for sure if Saint is over 40 pounds or more than 40 inches tall? Certainly not the Web. We speculate with Kardashian, and his son's pediatrician recognizes what is happening, and we are inclined to assume the best of Kardashian - this is not his first time in rodeo security seat, possession.

We do not know if the photo was taken within the limits of the state of California.


"He's so cute, let's protect this beautiful guy, making sure he looks back," said one commentator.

This was answered, of course, by a fan who said, "I see the car seat, the police are on mission. Typically, their nose and their opinion about when it was not asked!"

"I did not realize that so many people had titles in a car seat," added another fan in the fray.

We are not fans of Mom's shame, especially when we do not have the whole story and probably never will. And we believe that Kardashian would not endanger his son? New idea, right?
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