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California toddler dies after dental procedure, As per family sources

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A toddler died after a procedure at a children's dental surgery center in Northern California not long ago, her family said.

Photographs taken by her mother showed 3-year-old Daleyza Avila-Hernandez playing in the waiting room with her siblings at the dental center, CBS Sacramento station KOVR-TV reports. Minutes after the fact, the young lady went in for a dental methodology.

"When I was in the waiting room, I saw the ambulance," Araceli Avila said. "I stood up to see, and I thought to myself, they are here for a child, but never thought it was my child."

Avila said her daughter was there to get her teeth fixed, however, after 30 minutes she was rushed to the hospital, where she later passed on.

Through tears, Avila stated, "The nurse said my daughter's heart stopped, but she was stable and not to worry and told me my daughter has heart problems that maybe I didn't know of, but that's not true. My daughter was very healthy."

The dental center specializes in treatments under general anesthesia. Administrators couldn't confirm if that was part of the little girl's procedure but did tell KOVR-TV both a dentist and anesthesiologist, along with a nurse and two assistants, are present in the rooms during a procedure.

David Thompson with the Children's Dental Surgery Center in Stockton stated, "The risks are different, the process is different, our emergency response is different, and we have drills to handle certain types of emergencies."

Avila - who just communicates in Spanish - said she was required to read a long form before the procedure and said it was in Spanish. The nurse who helped her also spoke Spanish. As the Stockton Police Department and the Dental Board of California investigate Daleyza's death, her mother said she just couldn't understand how a trip to a dental center could take her daughter's life.

"I hope what has happened to me doesn't happen to another mother," Avila said.


The consequences of a post-mortem examination are expected to be prepared in the following couple of weeks. The little girl will be laid to rest next week.
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