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Baby Girl Names With Great Meanings She Would like to Have

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While giving your girl a name that has a beautiful ring is critical, it may even be more essential to give the young child a name that has real depth. Still, she will be screwed through her for life for what she has to do, they mean, do not you?


From great to popular, you'll find a baby girl name that means something to you.


Abigail: Old Testament name meaning "father's joy"

Bethany: Biblical name meaning "the house of song"

Charity: New Testament name meaning "love, faith and hope"

Elizabeth: Hebrew name meaning "the oath or fullness of God"

Faith: Greek name meaning "faithful"

Judith: Latin name meaning "praised"

Mary: Biblical name meaning "wished-for child"

Naomi: Hebrew name meaning "beautiful; agreeable"

Phoebe: American name meaning "the shining one"

Tabitha: Biblical name from the Old Testament meaning "gazelle, beauty, grace"

Alisha: Protected by God

Amity: Friendship, harmony

Nadia: Hope

Angelica: Angelic

Irene: Peace

Linnea: Flower

Orianna: Golden

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