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Baby Girl Names With Great Meanings She Would like to Have

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While giving your little girl a name that has a pleasant ring to it is critical, it may even be more essential to give child young lady a name that has genuine profundity. All things considered, she will be screwed over thanks to it for a lifetime — so it should make them mean, isn't that so?


Since we realize that choosing a girl name can be a hard— and finding a name that falls pleasantly on the ears and has some importance is a difficult request — we're helping you limit things around giving a rundown of names that are both tastefully satisfying and meaningful.


From great to popular, you'll find a baby girl name that means something to you.


Abigail: Old Testament name meaning "father's joy"

Bethany: Biblical name meaning "the house of song"

Charity: New Testament name meaning "love, faith and hope"

Elizabeth: Hebrew name meaning "the oath or fullness of God"

Faith: Greek name meaning "faithful"

Judith: Latin name meaning "praised"

Mary: Biblical name meaning "wished-for child"

Naomi: Hebrew name meaning "beautiful; agreeable"

Phoebe: American name meaning "the shining one"

Tabitha: Biblical name from the Old Testament meaning "gazelle, beauty, grace"

Alisha: Protected by God

Amity: Friendship, harmony

Nadia: Hope

Angelica: Angelic

Irene: Peace

Linnea: Flower

Orianna: Golden

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