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Anna Paquin Speaks Out Against Paparazzi Pics of Her Children

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Anna Paquin didn't simply applaud back; she's turning out punching with regards to her children after the Daily Mail published unauthorized photos of their faces.

Paquin, who shares 4-year-old twin duty with husband Stephen Moyer, is incensed by the Daily Mail's (quite frankly creepy) decision to publish pics of her children during a private family excursion in Los Angeles this Memorial Day end of the week. After the annoying paparazzi had snagged photos of the family at a local park, the Daily Mail ran them — with no attempt to blur out the children's faces.

"@DailyMail pls stop publishing pics of our kids faces," Paquin tweeted on Tuesday. Later she added, "Seriously, there are many children of public figures who get their faces blurred out in that publication. Why not ours? (sic)"

Much creepier: The Daily Mail didn't stop with the numerous photographs of the twins (a kid and a young lady), however expounded about what the children were wearing. Ewwwww. Also, why is this important?!

Adding insult to injury, some commenters on the site had the gall to criticize Paquin's appearance. WTH is wrong with people?

Paquin was having none of that either. She posted a screenshot of the apprehensive and unkind remarks from the site's perusers, and inscribed it: "2 #bodyshamers should I hide in my #redtent & not interact w my kids/leave house??? (sic)"

We are bristling with indignation on behalf of the family. What's more, it isn't the first run through Paquin has needed to go to fight with the media to attempt to prevent them from sharing photographs of her children without her permission.

On July 4, 2016, Paquin mocked paparazzi for sneaking photographs of her children at an Independence Day Parade. We don't know what the unnerving fixation on Paquin and Moyer's twins is. However we're happy to hear that an ever increasing number of media outlets (like Gossip Cop) have embraced Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell's "No Kids Policy."

Cheers to Paquin for continuing to go to bat on behalf of her kids' safety. Whatever you think about a celebrity's right to privacy, their children — and their children's safety — should not be in question.
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