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Guardians of child kid who turns blue searching for answers

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A couple in Wisconsin is looking for help as they battle to comprehend why their seven-month-old child in some cases turns blue and stops breathing. As per a raising money site page made by the family, infant Lynk was conceived 12 weeks untimely. Half a month after his introduction to the world, guardians Brittany and Chris Kimmel saw the infant was turning blue and called 911. That set off a string of clinic visits amid which Lynk was determined to have hydronephrosis, a condition that causes kidney swelling.

Lynk was likewise determined to have two distinctive heart conditions: patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), which causes irregular blood stream between two of the real conduits associated with the heart, and atrial septal imperfection (ASD), which causes a “hole” in the wall that separates the top two chambers of the baby’s heart.

However, Brittany Kimmel told CTVNews.ca in a phone meeting that none of those judgments are specifically connected to Lynk turning blue. Although he hasn't had a scene in about a month, Kimmel said her child used to quit breathing and turn blue as frequently as eight times each week.

Kimmel said specialists have not yet possessed the capacity to pinpoint the hidden reason for Lynk's disease.

"They did tests in Green Bay, and on Christmas Day they noticed his heart wasn't completely working, so he was transferred down to Madison and we spent a week there,” she told local news station WBAY.  “We've been back there four or five times, and we've been to Milwaukee, and nobody knows."

Lynk has persevered through a battery of tests, including MRI, electrocardiogram, ultrasound and various blood tests. He is right now on four distinct meds, his mom said.

“It's just hard I guess not knowing what the problem is,” his father Chris Kimmel said. “You don't know if it's something serious, or if it's minor and maybe it's not a problem; we have no idea."

The couple says the medical bills for Lynk are piling up and they are asking for help. A Go Fund Me page has been set up where people can donate money towards the baby’s medical expenses.

Kimmel disclosed to CTVNews.ca she is touched by the overflowing of support for her child. “It’s amazing. I have people messaging me from all over.”
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