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13-Week-Old Baby Shocks World Says, ‘I Love You,’ Shocks World

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We've seen some quite astounding things in the world of baby news, but this video of a very chatty, very precocious 13-week-old Ellie Reid of Glasgow, Scotland, totally amazed us.

Of course, it might resemble your basic sweet baby video, yet watch what happens when Ellie's mom, Claire, discloses to Ellie she cherishes her.

That is unquestionably an amazing "I adore you" from little Ellie, who — as per all the science — ought not yet be talking. Of course, infants copy their folks' coos and countenances from an early age. In any case, "I love you" at 13 weeks? Ellie, you have a profession in semantics, kid. Or, on the other hand on the stage. Or, on the other hand, law, possibly. The world is yours for the taking! Claire was taking the video for Ellie's father, Grant, a specialist who was away overnight.

Allow was overwhelmed. "I was working away in Inverness when Claire sent me the video. I couldn’t believe it. Ellie had just turned 13 weeks old when the video was taken, so it is unbelievable," he said. "I watched the video and straightaway I said: ‘Oh my God.' I was just so shocked. You can see she is trying to copy what Claire is saying and it comes out so clear. We sent the video to our friends and family, and they were all completely shocked too."

Only a little child improvement refresher for you: Babies by and large say their first words at the age of 12 to year and a half. For real.

The video was shot toward the finish of April 2017, and Ellie is currently 17 weeks. In genuine tenacious child mold, she's not let out the slightest peep since. Her mother stated, "It was just a fluke now... We will show her the video when she’s older, but that’s a long way off yet."
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