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This Warning About Sunscreens Is One Every Mother Should Know

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There's nothing more terrible than a sunscreen fall flat — except when it happens to your child.


Rebecca Cannon did everything appropriate to ensure her 14-month-old, Kyla, from the sun. She utilized an airborne sunscreen, and the name unmistakably said the shower an aerosol sunscreen, and the label clearly said the spray was safe for any child 6 months of age and older. Don't sweat it, isn't that so?


Cannon also followed the instructions for facial application: apply the sunblock first to hands and after that onto temple, cheeks, nose and button. Kyla was shielded from the sun — Cannon was certain of it — however she kept her little girl out of the direct sunlight anyway.

So imagine Cannon's horror when Kyla suffered a painful sunburn on her face and needed hospital care. She posted graphic photos of her daughter's terrible burns on Facebook to warn other parents about the dangers of using aerosol sunblock on kids.


The sunscreen, for reference, was Banana Boat SPF Broad Spectrum Kids' Sunscreen. Gun said the organization had offered repayment for the item, yet past that appears to be unwilling to make any further move. That sounds quite shady to us.


We went over this connection to the most secure sunscreens for children (and babies!) and trusted us, will keep it close by this summer.


Kyla's burns are fortunately healing. Gun says her daughter is "looking better every day." But still, it never should have occurred in any case.
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