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Powerful Baby Names for baby boys and baby girls

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Every one of us has dreams of glory and accomplishment for our children, which is precisely why picking a name that radiates quality and power appears to be suitable.


Since we know settling on an official choice on a baby name is such a great amount of harder than it sounds, we've made a rundown of names for young men and young ladies that specifically mean, names that will have a pleasant ring to them when they're talked in the meeting room at a Fortune 500 organization. Some of these names are somewhat out-of-the-case. However, you may be astonished to locate some old works of art on here also!


Kid names


Amell   German name meaning "power of an eagle."

Oswald  English name meaning "divine power."

Rinaldo Italian name meaning "wise power."

Aziel   Hebrew name meaning "God is my strength."

Kano    Japanese name meaning "one's masculine power; capability."

Ozzy    English name meaning "divine power."

Edric   English name meaning "power and good fortune."

Azai    Hebrew name meaning "strength."

Ryker   Danish name meaning "strength."

Angus   Gaelic name meaning "superior strength."


Girl names

Valda  German name meaning "power, rule."

Comfort  French name meaning "strength."

Ebba   German name meaning "power."

Jaiyana  Arabic name meaning "power."

Audra   French name meaning "nobility, strength."

Audree  French name meaning "nobility, strength."

Mildred  English name meaning "Mild of strength."

Millie  French name meaning "strength, determination."

Ozora  Hebrew name meaning "God's strength."

Carla   Portuguese name meaning "one who possesses strength."
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