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The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun Has a New Baby

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Alright, so perhaps Glenn didn't get the chance to stick around to meet his on-screen child in The Walking Dead (wail!). Luckily, Steven Yeun has way better fortunes. He and his better half, Joana Pak, are first-time parents to another kid — born on St. Patrick's Day.

A source squealed to Us Weekly back in December that the calm couple was anticipating. That news went ahead of the heels of Young and Pak's Los Angeles wedding (went to by Daryl and Rick and... apologies, we mean previous co-stars Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, and Melissa McBride).


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This child will have no lack of infant photographs, we think, as Pak is an expert picture taker. (Score! Unless you're the individual, who despises when your mother drags out your infant photographs! In which case, too bad, little person!) Yeun likewise posted an incredibly charming arrangement of Instagram photographs a month ago highlighting him playing with the (then) exceptionally pregnant Pak.

It is so decent to see Yeun glad — and in a picture that does exclude zombie arms pawing the air close to his face. Or, on the other hand, a major, alarming wooden bat.
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