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Moms Expecting Twins May Not Need a C-Section!

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There is a misconception that if a woman is expecting twins she would essentially have to undergo a cesarean section delivery. But it’s not so! Even some twins expecting moms may not need a C-Section for giving birth to their babies.

This is assumption that C-section is the safest way to deliver twins or triplets, especially since many second-born twins end up in a breech position. Just the fact that you are carrying twins doesn’t automatically make vaginal birth possible. If you are having a healthy pregnancy and things are progressing normally throughout your pregnancy, it’s still a viable option.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that carefully selected moms and babies do equally well whether they and their obstetrician plan for a cesarean section delivery or a vaginal delivery. And then use c-section only when vaginal delivery ends up looking too risky. In some cases last-minutes switches happen and women who went for a vaginal birth ended up getting C-section.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the rate of C-section for single birth is 31 percent and the C-section rate for twins is more than 75 percent.

Some women prefer a planned C-section because it let them know when they’ll give birth and can therefore plan for it. There is not all the pain involved in pushing and your lady parts are just as you left them. But it’s still a surgery and with all surgery there can be complications like infection, adhesions, and blood clots. However, in a normal and healthy pregnancy with no complications, vaginal births are safer and there is no reason to think that you cannot have one even with twins.

We are sure it would be a great news for all the expecting moms who want to give birth vaginally, but think that they couldn’t because they are carrying twins. For a first-time-mom childbirth can be scary, but once you tell her that she has no other option and she’ll have to give birth in a certain way, it just raises the fear factor. We are hopeful that now moms expecting twins can feel like they are still in control of their bodies and their decisions, and they are still able to choose which method is truly best for them and their babies.


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