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How To Bond With Your Twin Babies?

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You had gone through the most critical phase of your life in last nine months of pregnancy, and might have undergone a surgery for giving birth to your twins. Now get ready for the new challenges! Between the countless diaper changes and nonstop bottle washing and feeding, you won’t have enough time to know each of your babies. Bonding is not a thing that happens automatically with a child birth but still it is possible to strengthen the parent-baby bond with a little love and care.

Stagger Baby’s Sleep Schedule
Stagger you twin babies’ sleep schedule. In this way you will be able to give your uninterrupted time to each baby. You’ll start knowing your each baby and it will strengthen your bond with your babies.

Cuddle Up
Kangaroo care, in which a diapered baby is held on a parent’s bare chest, is encouraged in intensive care units. The skin to skin contact helps regulate a premature baby’s body temperature, breathing and heart rate. It lowers pain and stress level and boost weight gain.This type of physical contact is also suggested for full term babies. It’s a simple and great way for any parent and baby to bond.

Help In NICU
If you newborn is in NICU, ask the nurses if you can hold him during the tube feeding or assist in daily activities like sponge bath or diaper changes. You can softly sing, read stories, talking to him while stroking his head, hands and feet.

Give Your Baby A Massage.
Infant massage can help your baby fret less and sleep better. It’s also a way to get close to your baby. Use the time while changing your baby’s cloth or before or after bath to rubdown your baby’s arms, head and back. It would be best if you learn infant massage techniques.

Give Dad Time, Too
Joe Rawlinson, author of A Dad’s Guide To Twins, says that he bonded with each of his twin girls during bottle feeding and diaper changes. It’s highly important for kids to get one-on-one time with each parent. Mom and dad can divide their time and responsibilities so they both can have some time alone with each kid.

If you still fell disconnected from your twins even after a couple of weeks, talk to your doctor. A lack of interest in your children can be a sign of postpartum depression. In this case your twins need to get treatment.


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