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Is Homemade Baby Formula Safe?

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There’s not any uncertainty that breast milk is a unique nutritional source that cannot be replaced by any other food. However, if you need to supplement your breast milk, formula is the next best thing. Even though experts recommend buying commercial baby formula, some moms make their own formula that can be less expensive and seems healthier because you are aware of all its ingredients.

Crafting the perfect blend of ingredients and nutrients is an easy task and if you fail to do it rightly, you can create a serious problem for your kid. That’s the reason experts and pediatricians never recommend making your own baby formula.

Potential Dangers Of Homemade Formula.
Experts indicate risks of DIYing formula. Read on to know what these risks are!

Contamination Is Possible
There are strict instructions about preparation, handling and storage of commercial formula to reduce the risk of contamination. With all the time consuming cooking steps, there are high risks of contamination in homemade formula, but there’s not any guideline how to minimize it.

Some Ingredients Are Not Safe.
Many homemade formula recipes call for unpasteurized goat’s milk and cow milk as a base. Raw milk should not be consumed by infants, toddlers or even adults, because it may contain bacteria which can lead to several infections.

An Imbalance Of Nutrients
Your baby needs a specific balance of protein,fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. With homemade formula, there’s a risk that your baby may get too much or not enough of each nutrients. There’s also a risk of error in measurement. An improper balance of nutrients can lead to excessive weight gain, malnourishment, or other health complications.

Guidelines For Making Homemade Formula.
If you have acknowledged the health risks of homemade formula but still want to try it, remember these important guidelines.

Consult A Nutritionist First.
Before you give your baby homemade formula, talk to your pediatrician or nutritionist. They can guide you to any possible danger with online recipes which may have unsafe ingredients or incorrect amount, or be harmful in other ways.

Keep The Process Clean
You must be conscious about cleanliness while making formula for your baby. Start with a clean preparation area, clean hands, clean ingredients, clean storage container, and clean utensils.

Watch Out For Health Problems
Your homemade formula may be at a risk of having too many or too low ingredients. So be watchful for any sign of a problem. If you notice poor weight gain or excessive weight gain,vomiting, fever, change in overall appearance, or change in blood-streaked stool color, visit to the pediatrician.


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