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Does Alternative Therapies Really Help You To Conceive?

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According to the Centers for disease Control and Prevention, about seven million women of reproductive age have undergone fertility treatment. Hypnosis, Acupuncture and other complementary therapies are an alternative to these costly fertility treatments. But do they work? There is not any conclusive research on this topic, but some experts say that they are worth to try, and the best way for women with fertility issues to increase the chances of conceiving is an integrated approach.

Ask your doctor to recommend a qualified practitioner for the therapy you are interested in. Here are five complementary therapies and their effectiveness to get you conceive.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice that involves placing tiny needles into areas of the body which is considered to influence fertility. In a 2006 study published in Fertility and Sterility, it was found that 36 percent of women who had Acupuncture before and after embryo transfer during IVF got pregnant, as compared to 22 percent of women who didn’t have Acupuncture therapy. However, the same journal published a report three years later, showing no significant difference in pregnancy rates between the two groups. Experts say that these discrepancies can be due to infertility-impairing stress level. It might be that Acupuncture can help people who are a little, but not a lot, stressed.

Mind/Body Techniques
It’s a cognitive behavioral therapy in which parents are taught to turn negative thoughts into positive one. A study found that about 52 percent of the women undergoing IVF treatment and attending mind/body sessions were pregnant after two IVF cycles, as compared to 22 percent of women who didn’t have these sessions.

No one method works for everybody except a stress reduction therapy that work for each patient. There are various researches that show that high level of stress hurts fertility.

An Israeli study showed that women who were hypnotized during the implantation of embryos during IVF were more likely to get pregnant as compared to those who were not hypnotized. But the research is limited and we can’t say it’s a treatment of fertility. But if you think that you’ll enjoy it and want to try it, just go ahead.

Many fertility experts don not recommend using herbs because there’s no data showing they increase chances of getting pregnant. These herbs can trigger allergies, and can be toxic or irritating. But we can’t highlight a specific herb to stay away from because they have not been well studied.

There is no research indicating yoga a considerable fertility treatment, but even than many experts want their patients to learn it. It’s a great relaxation technique that help you and your body to feel good. There are a lot of evidences showing that vigorous exercise is linked with decreased fertility. Doctors advice parents struggling with infertility to decrease the intensity of their exercise regime.







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