Those of us who depend on grandparents to help us out with child care: We’re really helping them out. It’s true. As per a recent study published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, caring for your adored grandkids can add five years to your life. We may feel as

Amal Clooney is pregnant with twins. Unless she is not pregnant with twins, which is likewise totally possible. Perhaps she’s pregnant with twin giraffes. On the other hand sloth triplets! Roomba sextuplets! Twelve Tony Bennett impersonators!  While obviously, it’s conceivable that all that dwells in Amal Clooney’s consecrated woman holder

If you’re pregnant, and for reasons unknown, your doctor has ordered you to go to bed and stay there. Bed rest can be a couple of days long, or it can be a long-haul sentence to address a bunch of pregnancy complications. Regardless of to what extent you’re in for,

It’s President Obama’s last day in office and it’s zero mystery that we are authoritatively verklempt about going separate ways with this specific first family. Wail.   Amid Obama’s eight years in office, we realized what a Portuguese water canine was, what #OvalOfficeRelationshipGoals resembled (Barack + Michelle = 4Eva!!!) and

Science, believes that we ought to do what we can to help our children develop to their maximum potential, so they continue chipping away at it, now and then with surprising outcomes. What’s more, as per another review, the supplements pregnant ladies take may assume a part in their kids’

Things are coming up roses — and diapers — for Katherine Heigl nowadays, and we’re glad to hear it. Heigl brought forth her baby boy, Joshua Bishop, in December 2016. The little person has two major sisters: Heigl and her better half Josh Kelley received girls Naleigh and Adelaide in

Some of the time, showing our children a lesson takes more than simply swaying fingers and managing disciplines. Here and there, we must demonstrate to them what sorts of individuals we need them to be by being those individuals ourselves. That is the thing that one Packwood, Iowa, center school

Nation vocalist Kimberly Schlapman’s 9-year-old daughter Daisy Pearl is a fortunate young lady. She approached Santa for a younger sibling, and that is the thing that she got. The Schlapmans welcomed a new baby girl on New Year’s Eve using household appropriation and acquainted Dolly with the world on Instagram

No biggie, y’all. BET Ultimate Icon Janet Jackson and her hubby, Wissam Al Mana, just respected their first child — child Eissa — into the absolutely, totally ordinary life that is the thing that you get when you join a beneficiary to the Jackson pop honored position with a Qatari

Truly. We should simply hold all the governmental issues for a moment (or, hello, what about a couple of years?) and concede a certain something: It’s a great opportunity to take back that “Best Dad Ever” espresso mug you gave yours in third grade and mail it to Obama. His

Gracie Rainsberry and Audrey Doering, indistinguishable twins isolated during childbirth, met each other on FaceTime in December 2016 — that week each educated of the other’s presence. This is such an enormous amount of better: On Wednesday, January 11, the 10-year-old sisters, who were conceived in China, rejoined face to

That is a decent retirement fund you have there. Be a disgrace if anything… transpired. Also, by “anything,” we signify “bringing up your kid to adulthood.” On Monday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released a report that assessed that for a center wage family with two children, the typical cost

As such, 2017 hasn’t been simple for NBA star J.R. Smith and his better half Jewel. The couple recorded a video uncovering the “very important news” that denote an extreme time for the family. Their third girl was conceived last week — five months before her due date. “Hi, everybody,”

When parents start introducing foods to their newborn children, something they more often than not stress over is allergies. In the course of recent years, the quantity of kids determined to have peanut nut allergies has taken off, from 0.4 percent in 1997 to 1.4 percent in 2010. These allergies

For some children, a school can be incredibly stressful, especially when they have to come back after a long break and jump back into the fray of studying and exams. To help kids bring down their uneasiness and come back to quiet, attempt these three easy techniques. You may believe

When we discovered Jonathan Rhys Meyers would have been a father back in December, we didn’t understand the child would arrive just days later. But it did — and Rhys Meyers and his life partner Mara Lane now have a child. As indicated by E! News, the couple invited child

Janet Jackson and her better half Wissam Al Mana had their first kid together, and it’s a boy according to People magazine. Eissa Al Mana was conceived on Tuesday, Jan. 3 and everybody in the family is sheltered and sound. “Janet Jackson and husband Wissam Al Mana are thrilled to

The singer welcomed her second child with hubby, Carey Hart, over the holidays, and it would seem that their daughter, Willow is excited to be a big sister. Pink posted a preview on New Year’s Eve of the young lady sitting in a seat, radiating with pride, with her brother

The new infant granddaughter of Tom Hanks has been seen out in the open interestingly.   The so far anonymous new child was being conveyed by her glad mother, Tiffany Miles.   Tom’s child Chet Hanks, 26, was not with mother and girl as they ran errands on December 13

  A mother from Wales encountered the supernatural occurrence of life four times over in only 11 months. Becky John, of Swansea, thought it would be decent for her little infant girl Mya to have some comparatively matured kin to play with and chose to consider another tyke with her

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